June News From JetStream Ground Services

 Mildred Price Retires After 40 Years At BHM

Last month, Mildred Price retired after working 40 years at BHM. She had been with JetStream since our startup almost 6 years ago and was like a mother to all that worked there. Before joining us at JetStream, she worked for America, GAT, ATS and AGI. The team in BHM threw a going away
party for Mildred before she left to show their appreciation for all that she had done for them. She will be missed by all and we wish her the very best!!

United’s Inaugural Flight to NRT Tokyo

United Airlines began their nonstop service to NRT Tokyo on June 10th. Our team in DEN was proud to be a part in the process to make it happen.
Many news agencies were in attendance along with the Mayor of Denver and the Governor of Colorado.

New Promotion
Sarah Mangus was recently promoted to Training Coordinator in BUF. Congratulations to Sarah!!!

Sarah Mangus Promoted to Training Coordinator in BUFAccolades

Team IndyTeam INDy
IND – We are so very proud of our team in IND for the reverence they showed for a soldier during the deplaning process.

 Patrick Sanders and DeJuan WrightBHM – Patrick Sanders and DeJuan Wright received a pat on the back from Sarah Gintout, Captain with Air Wisconsin.
When the Air Wisconsin’s plane was pushed back from the gate, there was an issue with the cargo door not closing properly. The plane had to return to the gate to be checked out.The captain said Patrick and DeJuan did an amazing job with getting them ground power, ground air, returning gate-check bags
to passengers and being ready to get the plane back out once the issue was fixed. During all of this, they worked extremely hard and had a great attitude the entire time. Great job and thank you Patrick and DeJuan!

JAN –  Vaughn Roth/TSA ran an access control test on June 7th and was challenged by JetStream employee Jonathan Ndishabandi. Vaughn went through an emergency exit door and then entered a secure area where he was then challenged by Jonathan. Great job and kudos to Jonathan!!!

Just For Fun
Click HERE to find out why you shouldn’t cut in line for a Southwest flight

Author: JetStream Ground Services

JetStream Ground Services, Inc. is a cutting edge ground service provider to the Airline Industry. We bring quality and safety to every location we operate in. As a company, we strive to develop and train employees to become great leaders and managers and to create an environment that allows each person to reach their potential. At JetStream GS, we accomplish such successes by establishing long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees, and by taking pride in the way we do business.

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