Southwest 1 Year Anniversary In CLT And ROC

ROC and CLT recently celebrated their Southwest Airlines 1 year anniversary. While each station showed their Southwest LUV, ROC
in particular had an amazing time.
Ben Jones was kind enough to share a little bit about the anniversary day with us, please read below. Thanks Ben!
In recognition of Southwest Airlines 1st year anniversary here in Rochester, NY, our team decided to provide a warm LUVing atmosphere for all of our
passengers. We started by decorating our Gate with plenty of Southwest colored balloons and provided Southwest logo pins to our employees. A large
vanilla/chocolate cake and ice cream was also served to our EE’s in celebration. For all of our departing passengers, we created a “Bingo” game where two lucky
passengers had a chance to win a $50 LUV voucher to go towards their future travel plans. CSA and Ops Agents carefully and randomly selected two passengers
according to their boarding pass letter and number in order to win.
A fun day was had by all!

























Author: JetStream Ground Services

JetStream Ground Services, Inc. is a cutting edge ground service provider to the Airline Industry. We bring quality and safety to every location we operate in. As a company, we strive to develop and train employees to become great leaders and managers and to create an environment that allows each person to reach their potential. At JetStream GS, we accomplish such successes by establishing long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees, and by taking pride in the way we do business.

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