New JetStream Team Member

MEM – General Manager659
Brance Draine has recently joined our JetStream team at our Memphis, TN station. Brance is a native of Vero Beach, FL.  He attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga on a football scholarship and after graduating, he moved to Memphis to work with Union Central Life Insurance.
After Spending 10 years in insurance, he decided to switch things up a bit and move over to the airline industry where he has been the past four years.  His past positions include Ramp Lead for Pinnacle Airlines and Supervisor with Delta Global Services.
Please join us in welcoming Brance to the JetStream Family!



Frontier Startup at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport

JetStream started a new contract with Frontier Airlines at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The startup date was originally February 12th, but because of the terrible weather and snow, the first flight was not until February 13th. Our team pushed through the craziness and cold to make for a successful startup. Thank you team for all of your hard work, patience and dedication!

JetStream’s Honest Employees Turn In $30,000!

Congratulations to Delane Fulson, Angela Leach, Kenya Carter and Yaw Yeboah! These four honest employees found and returned an envelope containing $30,000. Each employee received two US Airways tickets to anywhere in the US. Great job!

New Contract at GSO-Piedmonth Triad Int’l Airport

At 12:01 a.m. on August 30th, we began our newest contract at GSO/Piedmont Triad International Airport.  Below is the email sent out by Charlie Coyle recapping the startup…

Mike Parker and the team did an outstanding job in getting the station off on the right foot.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to throw us a few curve balls during our first few days.  There was a ramp closure due to a lightning strike on the airfield, which shut down the airport for a few minutes until the back-up generator restored power.  The Team worked through the issue and continued to put up a good show for US Airways.

Due to the lack of experience in the agent ranks, our TDY Team of Bob Collins (IND Supervisor/ Trainer), Tina Kroening (IND Ops Agent) and Brett Hill (IND Bag Room/ Ramp Agent) have done a tremendous job in assisting Mike Parker, Alan Lowe, Stephen Knowles, Jeff Henshaw and Charlie Stone with one-on-one hands on training with all aspects of the operation.  Safety has been the focal point of this entire start-up with a secondary focal point on performance which has been outstanding with flights departing 5 to 10 minutes early with all bags onboard.

A BIG thank you goes to the IT Department (Anil an Travis) for their
help in getting the station linked up to the network and the outside world.  THANK YOU to Gail and her team (Bill and Adam) for their assistance during day 1 as well.  Finally, thank you to Ty and Frank for their assistance.

New JetStream Team Members

Bill BiggersRegional Auditor – Bill Biggers just recently joined JetStream as our newest addition to Gail Cadorniga’s Safety, Training and Compliance Team.
Bill’s previous experience in safety audits began when he managed dining cabin services in 39 cities, both international and domestic, for 4 years as the Regional Field Representative for US Airways. Bill also held another position with US Airways as a Ground Operations Training Instructor for 7 years.
Bill says he “is very excited about joining the JetStream Ground Services Family!”
We are happy to have Bill as part of the JetStream Family!

Emmett WintersMEM General Manager – Emmett Winters joined our team last week as the new MEM General Manager. Emmett has over 20 years experience in the airline industry. His previous job titles include Duty Manager, Airport Customer Service Manager, Operations Manager, Cargo Station Manager and Manager of Outbound Operations.
Emmett started with us last week and says “it is an honor to work for a top notch company here at JetStream.”
We are glad to have you with us Emmett!!!

Congratulations To Our Awesome Teams in ROC and DEN!


Two of our team members in ROC, Chris Cooper and Jamey Salvato, recently received a commendation from none other than the CEO of Southwest Airlines, Gary Kelly. The flight crew on SW flight 2852 was very impressed with ROC’s teamwork when they arrived with an unusable aft lav that needed to be cleaned and made serviceable for the flight to continue to MDW. Our team in ROC assessed the situation, began working on the aircraft and had everything up and running for the aircraft to continue. All of this was done in a timely manner and without a single complaint! The flight crew was so appreciative that they sent a memo to the CEO, who in turn sent the team in ROC a thank you note that said “If you continue to work hard together, take care of each other, and win more Customers, I have no doubt that Southwest Airlines will remain strong for many years to come. I’m glad that our future is in your hands”.



On the evening of June 4th, JetStream cleaner Yehualashet Teffesse and JetStream lead Chad Sisk were doing a security search and clean on United inbound flight 1452. Yehualashet and Chad found $1,900 in cash rolled up with a rubber band between two seat bottom cushions.
The two JetStream employees reported the find to Paul Morris/United Airlines who was also on the aircraft completing an audit.
Paul Morris counted and confirmed the amount of money and then turned it in to their manager Chris Ison.
We cannot even begin to explain how proud we are of Yehualashet and Chad for their honesty and integrity. These two posses the qualities
that we look for in all of our employees at JetStream. Thanks to Yehualashet and Chad for being honest and doing the right thing!