New Team Members at JetStream!

BDL General Manager –  Sean Carlin has recently been promoted to take over the BDL station as General Manager in two weeks. Sean is currently our Supervisor in BDL and came to us from Delta Global Services where he had worked as the Supervisor of Operations since 2008.
Sean has lived in Connecticut his entire life and worked in the airline industry the past 20 years. When Sean is not at the airport, he is spending time with his wife and two boys at home.
Welcome Sean, we are happy to have you with us!


PBI Sr. Supervisor A/C Appearance – Enrique Nunez is JetStream’s new Sr. Supervisor of Aircraft Appearance at PBI. Enrique was previously employed with Federal Express as a Material Handler since June 2011. He also worked for over 18 years with American Eagle Airlines in ORD as a Ramp Supervisor.
A few words from Enrique, “Today as I join JetStream, I will welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from my creator, another golden opportunity to complete what I wasn’t unable to finish yesterday. Let my first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through entire day.”
Welcome to the JetStream Team Enrique!


JetStream in MEM Is In The News!!!

According to WATN News, Memphis finally caught the big one. If an airline was a fish, Southwest would be the King Kong tuna of carriers…

JetStream made the news recently with the Southwest transition. Click the image below to check out the video and see how excited everyone is in Memphis to have Southwest flying into their city.

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New JetStream Team Members

 Regional Auditor  Adam Farquhar is the newest addition to Gail Cadorniga’s Safety, Training and Compliance Team. Adam comes to us from DesignLine USA in Charlotte, NC where he was a Quality Control Specialist. Before DesignLine, Adam worked with Piedmont Airlines for 8 years in Customer Service and Quality Assurance. Adam is now a happy Dad to his newborn daughter, June Grace Farquhar, born 8/7/13. We are happy to have Adam with us at JetStream and as part of our Safety, Training and Compliance Team.

 BOS Shift Manager  Karim Elkaouakibi recently began his career with JetStream as a Shift Manager at our BOS station. Karim has worked at the Boston/Logan International Airport since 2002. Two of the most recent positions he has held at the airport include Assistant Manager with Pre-Flight Airport Parking and Check-In Agent with Servisair. Jeff Jackson is excited to have him at the station and we wish Karim the best with his new position with JetStream.

Kudos To Jermaine Woods In PIT

Recently, JetStream received a letter from a very happy passenger at our PIT location. This passenger took a flight into PIT with US Air and witnessed our employee Jermaine Woods taking great care of the baggage he was handling. This passenger, who takes 50-60 flights a year, say he sees a lot of baggage mishandling and it is disappointing that not many people seem to care for others property. He was very impressed with the care and concern that Jermaine was taking with each and every one of the bags he handled.
Jermain takes great pride in his work and it shows. We are very proud to have him as a JetStream team member and we congratulate him for a job well done!

Jermaine Woods

JetStream’s July News

In the past month, we have had several employees find wallets, cash, purses, etc. We are so proud of the honest people that we employ here at JetStream. Turning these items in have made the owners and our customers very happy that JetStream is taking care of them. Kudos to you all!


DEN – Jared Schau promoted to Tower Coordinator

BOS – Kevin Jeffers promoted to Security Coordinator


Our newest ground handling station, Delta at Hartford Bradley International airport, recently won the “best performing station in the region” award for the Delta New England region in June. The award is given each month to the station that best key performance indicators or KPI’s.
Way to go BDL!!!!

Valentina and Memoza

BOS – Two of Boston’s biggest stars, Valentina and Memoza. These two gals are always receiving gifts from the shuttle gates that they work. This gift was given to them by a few flight attendants from another location. Their likeable personalities factored with their flawless audit score serve as an example that we should all strive to meet!

Kyran AshfordROC – Our AWESOME team player in ROC, Kyran Ashford. Kyran received a letter of commendation from Jeff Lamb, EVP of People with Southwest Airlines. Jeff stated in his letter that Kyran was “one of the best Ops Agent I’ve seen in action”. You rock Kyran! We are so very proud to have you as part of the JetStream team!

JAN – The team in JAN received a Delta flight crew recognition on 7/3/13. There was a mechanical delay and a last minute change where most of the passengers had to be transferred to the plane next door. The crew worked tirelessly to ensure the customers were taken care of, even stopping at one point to check on a passenger’s classical guitar to ensure it was out of the weather. The flight crew was very appreciative that the team put so much effort to help minimize the delay. Go JAN!!!

BOS – On July 17, 2013 our BOS station received an outstanding Station Safety Audit from Air Canada. The airline stated that they wanted to “thank Chris Messina and his team/staff in BOS for a successful audit. This is reflected in the decrease in findings overall from 2012 where BOS had 11Findings and 5 Observations to 6 Findings and 2 Observations for 2013” Go team BOS!!!!

MEM Celebrated 10 Years Without a Delay Or Aircraft Damage

JetStream’s Pioneering Spirits

Each month we will be highlighting a JetStream employee so we can all get to know our coworkers on a level that is not so work related. Do you have a special talent? Tell us about it. Have you climbed Mt. Everest? We want to know! Anyone can submit suggestions to Teresa Tucker at We are all spread out across the country and some of us will never get to meet. This is a great way to put a picture and a personality to that voice on the phone or the email that comes across your computer screen.

This month we are highlighting James Cacace, Cargo Manager at PBI.
James began his career with JetStream as a cargo agent in 1999. James found out about us when he went to a UPS job fair down the road from our cargo station. He was told by UPS that if he wanted a job with them, he would have to shave his goatee. James turned around and left. As he was walking, he would stick his head in every door he passed asking if they were hiring. Luckily, he stopped by our office and we were hiring and James started the next day.

James has been with us for over 14 years and says his favorite part of his job is training people and his least favorite are the hours. One of James’s funniest memories of working with JetStream is the day a guy tried to ship shark fins. James refused to let him ship the fins even though the man insisted. Shark poaching is a very serious crime and James wanted no part in it. James knew that the USDA was doing a produce inspection so he called the police who in turn sent the Florida Fish and Wildlife to arrest the man.

Some interesting facts about James:
– He moved to Florida in 1983 with his brother and mother from Tom’s Shore, NJ
– He loves taking photographs of industrial buildings with his Nikon camera. Below are a few of his masterpieces.
– James came up with the name for our employee highlight section”JetStream Pioneering Spirits”
– He is a twin

August Anniversaries

13 Years: Jenny Sanchez

8 Years: Shirley James

7 Years: Michael Clarke
Abonesh Woldesenbet
Teresita Simoneau

6 Years: Arthur Ford
Eddie Smith
Curtis Brown
Demetrice Fields

5 Years: Jim Strautthaus

4 Years: Tracy Joy Roberts
Todd Skiles
Diamoah Ngwayah

3 Years: Ty Yount
Ardelle Clark
Charles Wilder
James Daley

2 Years:Arnie Knoke
Richard Woodyard
Brandi Allen
Derek Downerd
Guled Jama

1 Year: Patrick Sanders
Lauren Odata
Lovell Whitfield
Mark Cole
Jeffrey Cooper
David Tew
Brian Henderson
Christopher Hughes
Robert Yates
Mariama Maman
Richard Springer
Fanny Sequen
Jewel Price
Louis Tozzo
Daniel Wilson
Sean Nhong
Kevin Burgett
Matthew Heid
Mark Siolkowsky
Jamey Salvato
Kyran Ashford
Eleazar Alvarado
Dewayne James
James Pilcher
James Powell
Ben Jones
Wayne Rogers
Sedene Azolin
Maribel McBeath
Mitchell Johnson
Steve Carlton
Gregory Carter
Genene Teferi
Maria Regot
Arkeba Barkley
Joseph Guzeh
Mark Hollingsworth
Denzel Morris

We’re Back At GSO!! US Airways Ground Handling Contract Awarded To JetStream

Piedmont Triad Int'l Airport-GSO
Piedmont Triad Int’l Airport-GSO

JetStream Ground Services is happy to be back at Piedmont Triad Int’l Airport. We have recently been awarded the US Airways Ground Handling contract at GSO and Mike Parker will be our station manager. Mike has previously held positions with JetStream as part of the Safety, Training and Compliance team and Ramp Manager at PIT. We are excited to be back at GSO and we look forward to further growth at the GSO airport.

June News From JetStream Ground Services

 Mildred Price Retires After 40 Years At BHM

Last month, Mildred Price retired after working 40 years at BHM. She had been with JetStream since our startup almost 6 years ago and was like a mother to all that worked there. Before joining us at JetStream, she worked for America, GAT, ATS and AGI. The team in BHM threw a going away
party for Mildred before she left to show their appreciation for all that she had done for them. She will be missed by all and we wish her the very best!!

United’s Inaugural Flight to NRT Tokyo

United Airlines began their nonstop service to NRT Tokyo on June 10th. Our team in DEN was proud to be a part in the process to make it happen.
Many news agencies were in attendance along with the Mayor of Denver and the Governor of Colorado.

New Promotion
Sarah Mangus was recently promoted to Training Coordinator in BUF. Congratulations to Sarah!!!

Sarah Mangus Promoted to Training Coordinator in BUFAccolades

Team IndyTeam INDy
IND – We are so very proud of our team in IND for the reverence they showed for a soldier during the deplaning process.

 Patrick Sanders and DeJuan WrightBHM – Patrick Sanders and DeJuan Wright received a pat on the back from Sarah Gintout, Captain with Air Wisconsin.
When the Air Wisconsin’s plane was pushed back from the gate, there was an issue with the cargo door not closing properly. The plane had to return to the gate to be checked out.The captain said Patrick and DeJuan did an amazing job with getting them ground power, ground air, returning gate-check bags
to passengers and being ready to get the plane back out once the issue was fixed. During all of this, they worked extremely hard and had a great attitude the entire time. Great job and thank you Patrick and DeJuan!

JAN –  Vaughn Roth/TSA ran an access control test on June 7th and was challenged by JetStream employee Jonathan Ndishabandi. Vaughn went through an emergency exit door and then entered a secure area where he was then challenged by Jonathan. Great job and kudos to Jonathan!!!

Just For Fun
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