Did You Know?

Good morning all. Here is a DYK (photo) and also a look at what one passenger on the Miracle on the Hudson flight 1549 wrote about accountability for one’s self (see photo). As far as the DYK information, keep in mind that there were 150 passengers onboard.

Regarding the Accountability photo, through this experience, the passenger’s comment relates to being safe. His comment brings up a good point and is relative to how we work here at JetStream Ground Services. When it comes to safety, each individual is accountable for their actions and should be aware of their surroundings. He also throws a little humor at the end of his comment.

NOTE: The aircraft suffered more damage from the crane’s chains in lifting it from the Hudson and from forklifts in placing it onto a semi-trailer than the actual impact of the fuselage hitting the water.

Source: The Miracle on the Hudson display of US1549 at the Carolinas Aviation Museum
Blog written by Chris Snyder, JetStream Ground Services Manager of Safety and Compliance